Fascinating Sights To See On Sofia City Breaks

Sofia, Bulgaria is an ancient and beautiful city, the perfect place to plan Sofia city breaks. With a population of 1. 14 million souls, this marvelous city ranks 12th among the great urban capitals of Europe. The primitive beginnings of Sofa go back a mere 7, 000 years according to archaeologists who have unearthed ancient cultures. If you’re planning a whirlwind tour of this city nestled between the mountains, here are several sights you won’t want to miss.

See glorious old churches

Set among a beautifully attended garden is the 14th century Boyana Church. Inside is an astounding assortment of medieval frescos. This art is so susceptible to atmospheric conditions that tourists can only view them for 10 minutes. Replicas can be seen in a nearby museum. Then there’s the Aleksander Nevski memorial church, which was completed in 1924. It’s the country’s finest piece of Balkan architecture. The shimmering gold leaf inside was donated by the Soviet Union. It holds 5, 000 people.

Astonishing evidence of former Muslim culture

Close to Sofia’s famous mineral springs and baths lies the Banya Bashi mosque. It dates back to 1576. Shortly after it was built, Muslims in Bulgaria were expelled by communists and the mosque fell into disrepair. After being abandoned for hundreds of years, the European Union stepped in with an injection of cash and Muslim worshipers have returned. Another mosque, Buyuk Djami, is now a museum to display artifacts from the extinct Thracian culture. It also boasts Roman and Greek artifacts found through out the country.

Natural heritage preserved in Sofia

On Boulevard Tsar Osvoboditel is Sofia’s Natural Science Museum, home to a thriving collection of native animals. It was built in 1889 and houses a comprehensive display of local horticulture and wildlife. A spectacular Russian church is mere steps away from the museum. It was built in 1913 by a Tsarist diplomat who, fearing his immortal doom by worshiping in a Bulgarian church, had his own edifice built. One of its amazing features is an emerald spire and bright yellow tiles.

High on Sofia’s mountain

Just 7 km from Sofia’s city centre is beautiful Mount Vitosha. You’ll stroll through villages in the foothills on the way to this mountain. Vitosha is perfect for hiking or a romantic picnic. In the winter, skiing is offered on Vitosha from December to March. Mix with the locals and don’t miss one more nearby attraction. Dragalevtsi, home to an ancient and serene monastery.