Experience an Exciting Palma Nova Holiday

by Sandy Jones

Are you ready to unwind while lounging on the beach or let your hair down and go dancing at a trendy nightclub? Enjoy a Palma Nova holiday and experience the very best of both worlds.

Located on Spains beautiful and geographically unique Marjorca Island, Palma Nova is known all over the world for its sparkling white beaches and beautifully constructed promenades. The hamlet of Palma Nova and the area around the resort is a garden of Eden for tourists-the superb sandy beaches are accompained by a huge range of bars, eateries and shops.

You can access a great deal of what Palma Nova has to offer by walking along the promenade, so you can lazily stroll along and enjoy the beautiful seaside location whilst planning the day ahead. When enjoying a Palma Nova holiday you can witness some of Spains most stunning scenery by taking part in a nature hike, or by going cycling or horseback riding, or by putting your feet up on the balcony whilst enjoying a glass of wine.

Whilst enjoying a holiday in Palma Nova, you’ll have easy bus access to the resort of Magaluf nearby. Magaluf offers amusement and water parks, as well as glass-bottomed boat rides and activities like water skiing. Palma Nova and the areas around it provide something for everyone. A Palma Nova holiday can be an exciting adventure for the whole family or a romantic getaway.

Palma Nova is a charming seaside community that caters to tourists, so you will want for nothing. If theres something you cant find in Palma Nova, you have merely to hop on a bus or take a quick trip by car to nearby Magaluf. Take in the amazing landscape of Majorcas stunning white beaches and unique mountainous vistas. Choose among a wide array of eateries that span from genuine local cuisine to exotic menus from all over the world. Your break in Palma Nova will help you relax and unwind.