Enrollment Requirements for Visitors Insurance

by Ray Sondeo

Like any other type of insurance policy, visitor health insurance plans have certain eligibility requirements that affect their price and availability. American visitor health insurance companies usually follow these, as well as other, guidelines.

American visitor medical insurance companies will cover U.S. residents traveling abroad, and sometimes foreign visitors to the U.S. Visitors health insurance providers offer different coverage for travelers and visitors.

Older individuals will generally garner higher premiums, just as they would with any other health insurance policy. Visitors health insurance providers charge these premiums because older individuals tend to incur higher fees for treatment.

For people age 65 and older who are traveling to the U.S., most insurance companies will require that the person begins their coverage within 30 days of arrival. Insurance companies would like to avoid the un-insured traveling seniors who suddenly seek coverage during their long stay in the US.

This requirement may be waived if the visitor can prove a valid previous form of travel insurance. Visitor insurance companies are only trying to protect themselves from unnecessary claims by avoiding the riskier and fraudulent.

Exclusions of coverage within a policy allow insurance companies to deny claims for certain injuries resulting from participation in dangerous activities. Special additional policy riders may be purchased if a visitor plans on partaking in such things as racing or rock climbing.

These policy riders can include the above mentioned activities, leisure sports such as snorkeling or skiing, or any other activity which could be considered more dangerous than everyday activities. More dangerous activities increase a company?s exposure to claims, but it is understood that some travelers will want to experience some of the activities during travels. Thus, the riders must be purchased from visitor travel insurance companies to compensate for greater coverage and increased safety.

Because of the risk of a large amount of high-cost, unexpected claims, health insurance for visitor policies must take into account such variables. For the company, it means being able to provide for their clients in times of need. It requires their clients, however, to be forthright.