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Your contact for all questions relating to customer service

Phone: +86 (0)21 6265 9663 - 8010/8015
Service Hotline:+86 400 880 9308
Fax: +86 (0) 21 62655326

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Our definition of service support

Our definition of service support

For us, service support is more than only maintenance and repair: To us, service support means that we are nearby wherever you are, always ready to help you. Worldwide, we have more than 200 service men ready to give you professional assistance and support. Take advantage of a seamless network of technical support and fast communication, designed to avoid loss of production or, as the case may be, to quickly eliminate failures.

Schenck offers to you a comprehensive service package in accordance with your needs: It reaches from the start-up of the machine with consultation and training, to the fast repair and supply of spare parts to preventing maintenance. Our goal is it that your plant or machine is operational as long as possible and that maintenance remains cost effective. Because we know: A high availability is the basic condition for the quality and reliability of your products. Your customers will surely appreciate it.

Hotline: 400-880 9308