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Contact information for the Schenck Balancing Service

Phone: +86 (0)21 6265 9663 - 8010/8015
Service Hotline:+86 400 880 9308
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Balancing service

Schenck Balancing service

If you are familiar with balancing you will probably have come across the problem: You have to balance a rotor needed only occasionally , but you don't have the right balancing machine to do the job. Perhaps the rotor is too light or too heavy, perhaps even flexible. This may present a serious problem.

To provide for these cases, we are offering a Balancing Service in most European countries. This service is ideal if the right balancing machine for a specific job is not available in your company, or if the low quantities involved render the purchase of a balancing machine economically inefficient.

Our balancing service can also help in research and development when it comes to balancing new rotors or assemblies. Benefit from our vast experience and extensive resources. We will help you to save cost and valuable time.

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