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Balancing service for individual parts

Balancing of one-off rotors


If you have to balance just one, two or a small batch of rotors, but don't have the right machine to do the job, we are the right place to come to – even with the most unusual rotor.

We have the right equipment for you, regardless of whether you are dealing with the rotor of a miniature motor, weighing only a few grams, or a flexible cylinder with a weight of several hundred kilograms, and even for heavier and larger components: Our balancing service can handle parts weighing up to 50t and has the right machine for almost any job.

Our expertise and experience are second to none - and we will be happy to share it with you. Standard rotors, prototypes and even "problematic rotors" - we will take care of all of them.

Technical specifications:

Balancing of cylindrical rotors
Diameter, max. (mm)
Length, max. (mm) 8.800
Weight, max. (kg) 50.000

Balancing of disc-shaped rotors
Diameter, max. (mm) 4.400
Length, max. (mm) 1950
Weight, max.
(kg) 50.000
Hotline: 400-880 9308