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Carl Schenck Co. Ltd., the world famous balance equipment manufacturer, founded the sole subsidiary company in China in 1999-Schenck Shanghai Machinery Corp. Ltd.

Schenck Shanghai Machinery Corp. Ltd

Schenck Shanghai Machinery Corp. Ltd, 金沙57877

Our company shares the same technical data library with Schenck RoTec. Our technical department can directly make use of the drawings in German through dedicated network connection, to make sure products and technology synchronize with that of Schenck RoTec. The key components of our products are imported from Schenck RoTec and other parts are made in China according to the drawings of Schenck RoTec, with technical indexes, parameters, appearance in full accordance with the original machine of Schenck RoTec. Besides technical advantages, we also adopt the same advanced management pattern as our parent company and apply the famous SAP software, realizing networking management in the whole process, from sales, technique, planning, production, assembly, testing and ex-works.

  Dynamic balancing machine produced by the company cover horizontal Balancing Machine, vertical Balance Machine, various semi-automatic Balancing Machine, automatic Balance Machine for industrial production flow, special dynamic balancing machine for main shaft of machine tool, crank shaft of automobile and motorcar, driving shaft, aerospace engine, high-speed loom, on-site balance for power factory and station, including automobile, electric, aerospace, turbo, common machinery industries. The products are also batch exported to the parent company in German and other fellow companies.

    Our company sticks to a "Human Oriented" management pattern and attaches importance to the selection and cultivation of qualified employees. Every year, periodic or aperiodic professional trainings held at home and abroad make sure the employees have grasped the latest technology and skills. Outstanding expertise and employee quality guarantees high-quality products.

    What's more, good post-sale services and technical support eradicate your fear of trouble in the future when purchasing or using Schenck balancing machine. Our company has won Enterprise Exporting Products Invested by Foreign Businessmen, Shanghai High-Tech Company certificates, and passed ISO9001:2000 authentication of TUV.

    Carl Schenck() was set up in 1881 in Darmstadt, German. Since the first balancer in the world came into being in 1908, Schenck has worked for nearly a century on the road of development and innovation of balance and diagnosis technology, famous for its unparalleled balance technology. Up to now, Schenck RoTec has built 10 subsidiary companies, 36 agency organizations, 41 service stations and 5 production bases (German, US, China, Japan ,Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and India) in 36 countries around the world.

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