Do You Know The Causes And Symptoms Of Motion Sickness?

If you often feel dizzy, nausea, or experience a vomiting spell while traveling on a moving object such as a car, train, plane or ship, then you are a frequent sufferer of motion sickness. It’s a dreaded and miserable experience which can seriously disrupt your travel comfort. Knowing the cause of motion sickness can equip you to prevent and combat it and there are a number of medications on the market today that are very successful at doing just that.So what Causes Motion Sickness?

Another name for motion sickness is kinetosis. Actually, motion sickness is a defense mechanism the brain uses in order to defend the body when it feels it is in danger. And it feels in “danger” when it receives conflicting signals from the eyes and the ears, which are two primary sensors for the brain.

The cause of motion sickness is quite simple: motion. When you are on a moving object such as a car, train, plane or ship, your ears transmit the motion of your body to your brain. When you cannot see the movement with your eyes, which are also a sensor for the brain, your eyes transmit a stationary activity while your ears are submitting movement to your brain. Since your eyes are not submitting the same report as your ears the brain gets confused and induce the motion sickness, which is a defense mechanism of sorts.

Symptoms of Motion Sickness

So now you know that the cause of motion sickness is a defense mechanism that the brain induces when it gets confused by conflicting signals and wrongly concludes that the body is in danger. What is the result? Expect to experience various motion sickness symptoms such as nausea and vomiting which will not provide relief after it occurs, fatigue, dizziness and headache.

First the bad news. Depending on the individual and circumstances, the symptoms can be mild or violent and can last for the whole travel period. Now the good news. You will be back to normal once the travel ends. However, depending on the length of your travel, you may not want to “suffer through” your motion sickness. Thank goodness for the wonder drugs and natural remedies that are available to treat motion sickness, or better yet, prevent it all together.

Now that you know the cause of symptoms of your motion sickness, traveling can once again be the fun and exciting experience that it was meant to be. Happy Travels.