Diving Locations In Sangat Philippines

by Niley Dainan

Philippines, is one of the reputable diving destinations in the warm hemisphere. It acquired this location because of the perfect scuba diving conditions present there. Let us take a look around the different diving sites especially those located around Sangat Island and Coron bay.

There are several scuba diving sites located around this particular island and most of them involves diving the wrecks of world war two Japanese ships as well as some commercial ships the sits calmly under this pristine water.

The first scuba diving site is Sangat Gun boat; it is only a ten minute ride from the beach. This place is suitable for those who are not so comfortable with going so deep in the water or staying so long there. The gun boat is not so big, it is only 34 meter long and lays on a depth of 18 meters, the best thing in this diving site is that you are still in the shallow water and the visibility is 15 meters long. This means that if you are standing in the middle of the ship then you can see both ends.

The second site is Tangat wreck, this is an excellent choice for those looking for a high depth wreck and guess what it is only five minutes from the beach. This cargo ship is located on a depth of around 25 to 30 meters. It spans over hundred and sixty meters so it is suitable for those looking to spend more time under water without spending hours of sailing. The visibility range is ranging around 10 meters; it majorly depends on the tide status. The cargo ship is very nice place to spend sometimes with deep water creatures and fish species.

Another nice place to scuba dive in the surrounding area is the Iroko wrecks. It is also near location where you have to ride the boat for just 10 minutes. It is a very big vessel that exceeds the 200 meters and it also lies on a big depth of 40 meters. So, it is more suitable for those looking for a bold adventure that lies down deeply.

If you are still a beginner or if you are one of those who enjoy simple diving and cave diving then the cathedral cove is your favorite place. The ride itself is joyful as you will sail for 45 minutes in the Coron Bay before you reach your destination. First you will experience a nice dive through a small passage before you reach the cave where the water is 8 meter depth and crystal clear.