Discount Airlines

Discount airlines can be described as low cost carriers, low budget carriers that have no frills. These airlines will many a time provide service between cities in the same country or region, or between neighboring countries. The aircraft that are used are smaller than those used for long haul flights. They use for example large jets or the airbus A320. An example of one of these airlines is Frontier Airlines, which flies to domestic destinations in the U.S as well as to some cities in Mexico and Canada.By no frills, we mean that these airlines, might offer extra services on board at an extra cost. For example, you might pay a little extra to seat in your seat of choice, or you will find that is not an option, because it is open sitting for all passengers. You might have to buy your food, or bring it on board, or pay to rent earphones for the duration of the flight.

You will find that these airlines operate many short haul flights, and so in a day may have up to ten flights between two cities. This makes it easy for you to just drive to the airport, buy a ticket and hop on a flight. For example flights between San Diego and Las Vegas.

Something else to note about discount airlines is that they are popular with business travelers who just want to jump on a flight, with no fuss, get to their destination, get their work done and get back home in the evening.