Dead Sea Discoveries

by Dana Evron

The Dead Sea isn’t really a sea its actually a lake. The sea has no outlet for the water to go and that is why the evaporation causes the salt content to be high.

Many tourists that hear about the Dead Sea wonder what it is all about. The Dead Sea is extremely deep, it is about 1000 feet.

The Dead Sea scrolls are a significant piece of history and they are written in several languages like Hebrew, Aramaic, and even Greek. The Dead Sea scrolls are about 900 documents. The Dead Sea scrolls were first discovered in the year 1947 in a cave on the northeast side of the Dead Sea.

The Dead Sea scrolls can be divided into two categories: biblical and non biblical. The scrolls are also the oldest group of Old Testament manuscripts that were ever found. There are several museums that display parts of the Dead Sea scrolls like the Jewish museum in New York City, and the royal Ontario museum of Toronto.

The scrolls contain never heard stories about biblical figures like Enoch, Abraham, and Noah. They were mainly made from animals skin and written from right to left. Since the scrolls are mainly written in Hebrew they have greatly enhanced our knowledge about that language.

Many believe that the Dead Sea scrolls are a link between Christianity and Judaism. The discovering of the Dead Sea scrolls has truly revolutionized our understanding on how the bible was translated.

Some books that were written about the Dead Sea Scrolls offer a translation of them. Ever since the scrolls were discovered somewhere between the year 1947 and 1956 many books have been published about the scrolls.

Today the Dead Sea scrolls are still one of the most important documents in Jewish history and they will be written and talked about for many years to come. The discovery of the Dead Sea scrolls did cause a controversy in scholarly circles over the date and the identity of the community they represented.