Cheapest Hotels in Chicago

by Chris Linch

Oh the striking city of Chicago. This is one of the top destinations in the nation, such magnificent city. Whether you are going to Wrigley Field or the Magnificent Mile you will take pleasure in Chicago. Everyone I know that vacations or just travels to Chicago continually says it is one of their desired cities to visit.

If you are visiting Chicago sometime in the future, I thought I would present you with various hotels that you can look for to save cash on your trip. These hotels are in no particular area, they are simply just the lowest rates available in the city of Chicago.

Here are the top 5 low-priced hotels in Chicago:

  • Super 8 Prospect Heights starts at $41 per night.
  • Howard Johnson Chicago Lansing starts at $44 per night
  • Howard Johnson Inn and Suites Elk Grove Village O’Hare starts at $44 per night.
  • Crossland Chicago Waukegan starts at $45 per night
  • Howard Johnson Addison also starts at $45 per night.

Chicago like other cities you need to be conscious of what surrounds your hotel. These are plainly the cheapest rates on hand, but you would want to pay attention to where they are. Chicago is a big city so staying too far away from what you want to pay a visit could produce tribulations in transportation.

The more in demand an area is the more money you are going to shell out. This is because the hotel rates are based on occupancy. If occupancy at a property is amplified then that directly affects the price which means that the price is also going to go up.

The more in advance that you can essentially book your trip, the more you will save, particularly in an area with high demand. If you are going to Chicago in the next 12 months, I suggest you find a website with a low price guarantee and book your reservations at this instant. If you find a lower price over the next several months, this website will honor it. Most will honor right up until you check in.