Cheap Alaskan Cruises: The Best Way to Get Alaska Cruise Bargains

by Jason W. Van Den Waalt

In the past, it was simple to book a cheap Alaska cruise. Now, such bargains are getting harder and harder to find, with demand for Alaska cruises going through the roof.

Just how can one save a bunch of cash on an Alaska cruise? Is it still remotely possible to vacation in Alaska while adhering to a reasonable budget? The answer is YES! You really can still find great Alaska cruise deals — if you know how to look.

Many folks believe that the very best strategy to get cheap cruise fares to Alaska is to book at the very last minute. But while this method used to work reasonably well (and still works very well for Caribbean cruises, due to the larger number of ships in that region), it is no longer a very effective strategy for Alaskan cruises.

Alaskan cruise ships all too frequently sell out far in advance, especially for the months of July and August. Despite their higher cost, balcony rooms tend to be the first to sell out, especially on Holland America cruises. Therefore, if you have year heart set on taking a cruise in the middle of summer, the way to ensure that you get the lowest fare is to book many months in advance.

Naturally, if you are more flexible about your sail date and/or your room category, you increase your likelihood of finding some great Alaska cruise deals.

The best months for deals are May and September, the beginning and end of the Alaska cruise season. Of all the weeks in the Alaska cruise season, the lowest cost fares tend to be found in the very first week of May, when prices can be half of the peak mid-season fares.

Now you can also save money by instead reserving a cheaper cabin category. Inside rooms can be half to a third the price of some of the higher priced cabins on an Alaskan cruise. Inside rooms have no windows and can be a little smaller than ocean view rooms, but they can be a wonderful bargain, especially since many people spend so little times in their rooms anyway.

You should know that if you have a problem with tight spaces, you might not want to book an inside room. Nonetheless, you can still find a great Alaskan cruise deal on an outside room. A certain percentage of outside cabins on most cruise ships possess obstructed views of the eater, due frequently to a lifeboat outside the cabin window.

Obstructed view cabins are often much cheaper than standard outside or ocean view cabins. In fact, obstructed view cabins can be almost as cheap as inside cabins, yet they have windows that admit sunlight and can help ease claustrophobia.

In conclusion, yes, you definitely still can find great bargains on Alaskan cruises. Cruises are a great deal compared to other ways of visiting Alaska, and they are really the only way to see much of the remote but spectacular Alaskan coast.