Charles Rennie Mackintosh and Vacations In Glasgow

Scotland is an incredibly popular place to visit and one of the most exciting cities to visit is Glasgow. Glasgow has a vast array of visitor attractions covering an enormous diversity in tastes. While there are many modern attractions many people visit the city to take in the sights of the city’s spectacular architecture including the many works of the famous Art Nouveau architect and designer Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

Glasgow born (in 1868) Mackintosh worked as an apprentice to the architect John Hutchinson from the age of 16. In 1890 he took a tour of Italy, financed by the prize money he gained from winning the Alexander Thomson Travelling Studentship. In 1893 he returned from Italy and began work on the Glasgow Herald Building which was his first large scale project.

Around Glasgow you will see many Charles Rennie Mackintosh buildings and of special note is the breathtaking Glasgow School of Art which is considered his very finest work. Another couple of places well worth visiting are the House for an Art Lover and Hill House (in Helensburgh). Two other places associated with Mackintosh are the lighthouse and Queens Cross Church which I look at in more detail below.

The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse is actually the Glasgow Herald Building mentioned above. It is Scotland’s Centre for Architecture, Design and the City, and features an ever changing programme of superb exhibitions and events. The Mackintosh Centre is found here and where you will find a wealth of information on the life and works of Charles Rennie Mackintosh. From the Mackintosh Tower it is possible to get the finest views across the city of Glasgow, to get there you need to go to the third floor and then climb a helical staircase but it is well worth the effort I assure you. However, if you do not fancy expending that sort of energy you could always take the lift to the viewing platform on the sixth floor instead.

Queens Cross Church

Having it first service on the 10th September 1899 and decommissioned in the 1970’s Queens Cross Church, in Maryhill, Glasgow could pass as just a rather unusual church but for the fact that it was designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh. In fact it is the only church designed by him which was built to completion and the importance of the building is shown by the fact that it is now home to the Charles Rennie Mackintosh Society who run it as a tourist attraction providing tea rooms and other facilities to visitors.

If you are visiting Glasgow to take in the architectural works of Mackintosh you should not miss the opportunity of viewing some of the other fine buildings found across the city. Probably the most important building is the Glasgow Cathedral, the only medieval cathedral to survive complete during the destruction of the Scottish Reformation. One of the more recent elements are the stained glass windows which are the finest example of 20th century stained glass in Scotland.