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Discover 4 Easy Ways To Prevent Motion Sickness

Preventing motion sickness is easier than you may think. All it requires is a little advance planning. If you wait for the symptoms to rear their ugly heads before starting treatment, you are already too late. Instead, you can one-up them by preventing motion sickness in the first place. Here are some tips that will […]

Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations In-demand These Days

The honeymoon is a very important part of a newlywed married couple’s life. Both of them want to make the event memorable so it requires careful planning and considerable time to plan it. There are many honeymoon themes available for couples like romantic honeymoon, dream, exotic, island, luxury, beach, mountain, tropical, adventure, winter, safari, and […]

Three Fun Places in the Philippines and Packing Tips

The Philippines is a wondrous, magical place. With over 7,000 islands, you could spend a lifetime there and never begin to see it all. With that in mind, here are three places to visit when you embark on your Philippines adventure. Metropolitan Manila The Philippines capital, Manila, is a center of all things in the […]

What You Must Do When Traveling With Seniors

Traveling with your parents can be a wonderful experience if you plan well ahead. Here are five things you must do to ensure that you and your parents will have a great vacation. 1. Ensure that the itinerary is not too fast paced. Older folks tend to get tired easily and thus it is not […]

My Best Business Travel Tips

Business travel has actually increased considerably in the last ten years as companies are able to sell more readily to markets all around the world; the Internet has ensured that even tiny companies can have a customer base that is truly global! It is business travelers though who are feeling the strain with increasing stress […]