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I am going on a cruise in a couple weeks and wanted to know the best way to not get sea sick?

Lauren B asked: I have been previously on a cruise and my stomach was constantly in dismay the whole time. Does anyone have any ideas to make my trip better this time? Thanks!

If I get sea sick easily, will a cruise bother me?

BellaRia asked: I hear it’s not so bad since the ship is large. Anyone else get sea sick and been on one?

Can you get sea sick more then once?

kdp asked: My sister changed her tactics and now says she said sea sick and not motion sickness……Please confirm that someone has gotten sea sick more than once. Thanks Yahoo Answers!!!!!

Is it possible to get over being sea sick?

orthomajor2 asked: say you go on a ship, and get sea sick, and stay on the ship. can you get over being sea sick

what are some dogs that love salt water and dont get sea sick?

Sosynken (norwegian not asian) asked: i sail and surf and i want a companion 😉 haha i REALLY dont like curly dogs so that narrows it down to….no spaniels i guess haha and labs are good but what else? is an australian kelpie good?