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What to give a baby if they get sea sick on a cruise?

lopku asked: I am about to go on a cruise and want to be prepared if my baby gets sea sick. I know most people do not get sick on cruise ships, but would like to be prepared. What is safe to give a baby or what to do? He is 13 months old also. […]

My mom wants to go on that cruise but I know I’ll get sea sick?


I’m going in a cruise next christmas,will i become sea sick?

Elemer E asked: I’ts a trip to the southern caribbean (ST.Thomas,Antigua,Barbados,St Kitts,etc)

for someone going on a two weeks cruise, what is the best ways to keep from sea sick?

DC asked: or dizziness from being on a cruise ship?

Am I less likely to be sea sick on a cruise compared to a ferry?

TB asked: I have been ill going on a ferry before, but will it be better on a cruise ship?