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Exploring the Newaygo River Valley Wonderland Hiking Trails

Exploring the River Valley Wonderland and “feeling good” about it Newaygo County was named after Chippewa Indian Chief: Naw-wa-goo, one of the signers of the Treaty of Saginaw in 1812. The county has over 230 natural lakes and over 350 miles of rivers and streams. Three huge dams were built after the turn of the […]

Exciting Benefits Of Joining Hiking Clubs

Hiking clubs are quite popular among fitness buffs and it is likely you have heard about them before. In the unlikely event that you have not, here are a few words of introduction for you. Hiking clubs can mean many things, but mostly they refer to groups of persons who share a common interest in […]

Arizona Hiking Trails – Reasons Hikers Love Them

These trails are spread through out the state. People who are interested in the outdoors would find these ARIZONA HIKING TRAILS beneficial. There are different kinds of trails available and one can make his own choice starting from the Phoenix trails to the Sierra Vista trails. Every kind of these trails offer something exclusive but […]

Tips And Guides To Backpacking And Hiking In Uganda

Come and try backpacking in Africa. Have you ever thought of having a vacation in Uganda? If not, this is the time to think of it. Backpacking is probably the best way to really experience Uganda’s place of interest. You interact directly with Ugandan local people, take part in a Ugandan cultural celebration, visit interesting […]

Northwest Hiking: Hiking The Coast And The Mountains Of Oregon

Hiking is one of Pacific Northwest outdoor enthusiast’s favorite activities. Oregon and SW Washington offer an incredible variety of forests, parks and national monuments ready for exploration and appreciation. Hikers should not be taken by surprise in this incredible area of the country however. Forest, coastal lands and cave hiking all present unique challenges to […]