Can Duffle Bags Be An Elegant Solution When Traveling?

by Mary Coaches

Knowing that duffel bags created by designers like Louis Vuitton are in the top of preferences of many famous divas, we may ask ourselves what’s so special with these handbags after all. How comes that Britney Spears wears them, as well as Eva Longoria or Shania Twain?

If you are interested about fashion, then you should know that duffle bags are produced also by awarded handbags designers. Of course those ones will be more expensive, but many times you have to pay for the label.

It’s a very interesting fact that fashion collectors own tens of her bags. Her unique personality helps a lot in creating models that surprise by their simplicity and elegance. This is the style of the modern woman.

The career of Mary Frqnces started as a hobby. This is probably the reason why it developed into a real form of art. Thanks to her talent, Mary Frances got many awards over years.

In August 2008, Mary Frances was featured on CBS, where she had the opportunity to introduce to the public several of her handbags creations. She also spoke about her company and her vision, in a very convincing manner.

Clutches are some bigger wallets, or some smaller purses, depending on your perspective. Anyway, you heed to have a small cell phone and barely any make up kits, if you want to wear a clutch. Clutches from Mary Frances are extremely beautiful, making women forget about their daily luggage and wanting to wear such a jewel.

We wrote this article to ask you, Mary Frances fans, if you also like Coach purses. Coach displays a much simpler style, but the purses are as elegant as the other ones. Would you wear a Coach tote at work and a Mary Frances bag at dinner? I’m curious how these two styles overlap in women’s preferences.

Women who love Coach purses usually buy several items, not a single one. This comes naturally, because new collections are very tempting. It is obvious that Coach basg, as well as Mary Frances ones are addictive. Are they addictive for you, too?