Boutique Hotels – Holiday in Style

Hotel lovers and visitors know what value the French word “Boutique” has in the hotel industry. This name spills grandeur, royalty, uniqueness and in some cases even wackiness. All these elements make boutique hotels a combination to look out for, for the eternal holiday lover who enjoys experimenting and that too, in style.

Location is a very important aspect when it comes to any hotel, more so in case of a boutique hotel. A boutique hotel should be placed in a location that is frequented by travelers. It should be easily accessible by all means of transport. It should be such that most of the landmarks that the tourists come to visit are around the hotel at convenient distances. The location should be peaceful, full of solitude yet bustling with tourists. All this sounds a little hard to achieve and that is how it is, as hunting for an appropriate location for a boutique hotel is certainly not a cakewalk. But a hotel that cracks this step will vouch for the benefits that follow such a careful and well thought about decision.

But due to the lack of space in prime locations, it is a little difficult to find such places. But the hotel lovers have found a way out here too. So converting old palaces and castles and dilapidated buildings into boutique hotels has caught the fascination of many. Of course these structures are extensively renovated and modified to suit the tastes of their customers. And the result is nothing less than exemplary. But it is necessary that when you renovate, you keep the old flavor of the structure intact and then go ahead and make way for more facilities and amenities. For the original charm of the place helps the hotel to blend into the local environment and does not leave the hotel looking like an outcast in the entire setup. All this is also instrumental in dragging tourists to it, as they can then identify with the hotel.

One misconception about boutique hotels is that they have to be flashy and show-off to attract the customers. This is one of the most wrong impressions about these hotels. For there are many hotels around the world that have very simple architecture and interiors, but still they are a hit with the tourists. The service here, needless to say, is on par with the other hotels, but what they offer sometimes is more valuable than the others- lot of privacy and quietude.

Another myth about these hotels is that, any hotel with a theme is a boutique hotel. But the truth remains that a boutique hotel may be a themed hotel but the vice versa need not always be true. For, a boutique hotel is much much more than only the theme. They are an aggregate of far superior things that make them so special and popular.

Every thing in a boutique hotel, and that includes its theme, should be detailed and should be able to strike a chord with its guests. The service should be from the heart to reach the guest’s heart and a good boutique hotel knows about this and follows it religiously. Boutique hotels are replete with all the luxuries that you can ask for. All you have to do is just sit back and relax and decide if you have to come back again or not, which we bet you will!