Best Airline Credit Cards Have Big Benefits


Many people believe that the key to finding the best airline credit cards is to look at the terms of the card that relate to adding up airline mileage points. That’s true, to an extent. Good airline credit cards let you earn miles quickly on multiple airlines so that you can take advantage of the opportunity to get free flights. However, that’s not the only thing that you should look at when trying to find the best airline credit card for you. There are additional benefits that are available on most cards which should be considered in addition to the travel points that can be earned.

Looking at Travel Perks
It is true that you should first consider the travel details of any airline credit cards that you are considering using. After all, the whole point of having these cards is that you can earn money towards a free airline ticket. The best airline credit card in this sense is the one that is going to let you get that free ticket as early as possible. The key here is to look for those cards which let you cash in on rewards without requiring a high minimum point balance on the card. Another thing to look at when trying to find the best airline credit card is the airlines that the card will work with. There are many cards available today which work with multiple carriers but offer higher points on a specific airline. This is great because it lets you get the most for your money when traveling on your preferred airline but doesn’t punish you for taking advantage of deals offered on other airlines.

Considering the Additional Perks

Getting the best airline credit card requires going above and beyond just looking at the travel benefits of the card, though. This is where almost everyone goes wrong. They figure that getting the best flight deal from the card is the entire point of having the card and neglect to consider the other benefits that a card might offer. For example, some of the best airline credit cards give you savings on business purchases or purchases made at the airport. This means that you save on things that have nothing specific to do with the flight while still earning points towards air travel. Additional perks to look for include cash back offers, miles earned on non-flight purchases, and low-interest offers for balance transfers.

Remembering the Terms

In addition to looking for the best in benefits, anyone who is applying for airline credit cards should be thinking about the terms associated with the card. Consider whether there is going to be an annual fee. If so, is the cost worth what you’re saving on future flights? Also consider things like the interest rate on the card and the penalties that are incurred for late payments. The best airline credit cards are those which don’t just offer you great rewards but which also minimize the negative aspects of having a credit card by offering fair and reasonable terms.