Beautiful Gold Coast Nature

It never ceases to amaze me, how easy it can be to forget what a paradise Australia’s Gold Coast really is. Sometimes, while I’m running my surfboard rental company and having a great time doing it, it slips my mind. Then there are times like a recent weekend, when I reminded myself that we are so lucky to live this amazing lifestyle on the Gold Coast and have the millions of visiting tourists every year to enjoy it with us.

To explain why this feeling came to me so strongly, I should mention that I recently received the news that my wife is pregnant and we will be parents for the first time. While the pregnancy was not entirely planned, we feel blessed with the news and have been trying to get to the best financial shape possible when the baby arrives. Therefore, for the last several months we have been diligently working to pay down credit card debt and buy all the things we’ll need once the baby arrives sometime in September. There’s been a lot of work and we haven’t had the opportunity to get out much.

That weekend was a long one is Queensland. Monday was a holiday, making it a three-day weekend. On Friday night, friends from Sydney came up to visit and we all decided we’d head out for a big night in town. Since we’ve been home so often in recent times, the experience was awesome. We kicked things off with a dinner on Broadbeach’s elegant restaurant row. The meal was exquisite and afterward we hit Surfers Paradise to check back in on some Gold Coast nightlife. We had come pretty close to forgetting how fun a night out in Goldy can be.

Understandably, we slept in on Saturday, but then we put our things into the car and took a drive up to the Gold Coast hinterland, which is actually only about one hour away by car. Surrounded by mountains, there is no better place for wine-tasting (of course, for those who aren’t pregnant). There are so many places to kick back and relax, which could not be more perfect, whether you are expecting or not. This taste of serenity left us completely at ease and ready to start a week of work with out heads clear.

Don’t go through your time visiting the Gold Coast without a pit stop in the hinterland. It will become clear what varied gifts a Gold Coast vacation can offer.

On Monday, we headed home via a circuitous route, leaving time for some lunch and also to do some fishing. With the river’s mouth and ocean not far off, we cast out our lines from the banks into the estuaries.

While we had no fish to show for it, we felt lucky that such a relaxing detour from our daily lives was available with such a short drive. Plenty of fishermen were lining the beach a few meters off and we watched them try their luck in the ocean. Some little boats were making their way through the estuary, gently rolling along. The commercial boats out in search of real haul could be seen, too, reminding us of the many possibilities for anyone who loves to fish.

Driving back to town, I couldn’t help but think what a terrific lifestyle is available on the Gold Coast. Queensland features such a dizzying array of ways to enjoy nature. You can enjoy the typical tourist attractions as well, since there are the legendary theme parks to try out, but the spectacular opportunity to experience nature firsthand is what sets the area apart and brings back tourists on a regular basis.

If you’re going to come back again, forget about the elegant cocktail bars for a little bit and give yourself the opportunity to soak up some of the world’s most stunning bits of nature. You’ll be happy you did.

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