Airline Miles Credit Cards: the Best Way to Use Them

The airline miles credit cards are indeed a great advantage for the frequent travelers. The main aim of these types of airline credit cards is to fulfill the various requirements of the travelers as well as to encourage the consumers to buy such services. These types of credit cards are in fact the result of the constant and collaborative efforts of the various airline companies and credit companies.

With these airline miles credit cards, the frequent travelers can even count each mile that travel. Their working procedure is more or less like the normal credit cards. In fact, fees and transactions procedure of an airline miles credit card is also similar to a normal credit card. The only difference lies in the variety of services that these airline miles credit cards offer.

The various types of airline miles credit cards

You can avail a number of airline miles credit cards. The Gold and Platinum Airline Credit Cards are some of the most popular forms of airline credit cards. The Bonus Miles granted on the initial credit that has been charged to the card often varies, depending upon the type of airline credit cards you are opting for. With a Bronze airline credit card, you can gain 5000 Bonus Miles on the very first credit card charge. It also grants you a mile for expending every $2. On the other hand, the Platinum airline credit cards offer 15000 Bonus Miles for the initial credit card charge along with a award of 1 mile for spending every $1.

The added advantages of airline miles credit cards

You can also use a points system with these airline miles credit cards. In this points system each mile you travel is counted as a point. The regular or frequent travelers can gather mileage points after each flight and after achieving a particular given points figure, you are entitled to get an incentive. With these incentives you can take flights to different places of your choice. Thereby, as a frequent flyer you can build up bonus miles and points rapidly with these airline miles credit cards. Apart from free flights, you can also exchange all these bonus miles and points for renting a car or for free lodging.

There are several credit card companies that provide lucrative sign-up offers, especially for their airline credit card holders. You can conveniently find such credit card companies that charge no yearly fees while you sign-up for the first time. Some other companies may also offer a 0% APR charge for the first year and 5000 Miles bonus for the first purchase with you airline credit card. You can even transfer your available balance with your airline miles credit cards.