Activity Holidays Guide : A Great Selection To Choose From

by Alan Ball

Activity holiday formats are the focus of this installment of our guide to activity holidays.

There are different types of activity holidays that can fit almost everyone’s needs. The main types are thrill-seeking, wilderness, winter, cycling, and special interest.

Thrill-seeking trips are some of the most popular available and include activities such as white water rafting, caving and rock climbing. There are plenty of multi-activity holidays where you can spend a day or two doing each until moving on or you can just stick with one. You will learn to challenge your body and mind with many different experiences.

The wilderness holidays are awesome for people who like to hang outside, especially in deserts, jungles, mountains, and so on. Popular themes with adventurous travelers include the grand ranges of mountains such as The Andes, Atlas, Rockies, the Antarctic, Himalaya, Outback Australia and the Alps; visit the jungles of Central and South Africa; the deserts of Namib, Gobi, and the Sahara; each of the seven continents are available. Such trips are generally made up of trekking, camping, survival skills courses, and lessons on the people, cultures and wildlife you’ll come across.

Some winter activities that are extreme include skiing and snowboarding, but even dog-sledding and snowmobiling are great for the winter. Also there are lesser known, unusual, and untouched areas that most people wouldn’t normally see that will let you escape the masses usually seen while touring.

Cycling holidays come in all shapes and sizes; from gently cycling through relatively flat landscapes to fully-supported mountain bike expeditions. Just like mountains for skiing, bicycle trails are graded on a scale due to their difficulty and how the trial is laid out, off or on road.

Special interest holidays are available for those with a real interest and passion in one subject or a range of subjects. Some of these will be intense like yoga or archaeology, while others, such as photography and language learning are great for the mind. You will learn a great deal about what ever subject you choose with the help of a great guide who specializes in that field.