A Hiking Vacation in the Caribbean

Islands in the Caribbean are world famous for their natural beauty, pristine beaches, and clear waters. However, the islands always get associated with postcards that reflect the beachfront scenes. The truth is that the interiors of these islands are as exciting as the shores. The shores are tropical in nature and traveling on foot might not be to everyone’s taste in those parts. Moving inwards of the islands and higher up where the temperatures are cooler opens up other forms of exploration in form of Caribbean hiking. On these hikes, people are afforded up and close view of the unique plant and animal life of the Caribbean. These include hummingbirds, bromeliads, orchids, fruits, and several species of exotic plants. The increasing trend of eco-tourism has increased the Caribbean hiking preferences among people.Caribbean hiking takes place along trails that offer plenty of diversity across the islands. Due to the presence of plantations, most trials run through them, the tropical forests that are a feature of the Caribbean, and from there they go up into the mountains. Due to the different varieties of Caribbean hiking, there are easy and tough hiking trials. Make proper inquiries of the trial you are thinking about before embarking on it. Not all Caribbean hiking trials are convenient for all people. Likewise, make sure you are dressed appropriately. Since the Caribbean in tropical, rainfall is almost consistent in those parts and several hiking trials may be reduced to muddy paths that you might find difficult to navigate. Depending on the island where you intend to go Caribbean hiking you might need permission to venture out on your own. Some islands make it mandatory to have a guide.

Here are some of the popular Caribbean hiking trials.

Dominican Republic

This is only for extreme hikers with the highest point being Pico Duarte at 10,700 feet. Beginners had best avoid this 12-mile Caribbean hiking trial that lasts for 2 days.


This Caribbean hiking trial is suitable for all hikers. You can go on any of the guided tours that will take you into the rainforest. You may go alone after taking the required permission. Grand Etang Lake is an easy Caribbean hiking trial.

Puerto Rico

Located within the boundaries of the Caribbean National Forest, the El Yunque Trial is a moderate to extreme Caribbean hiking trial. It takes the hiker to a height of 3500 feet while covering 2 miles. The trial goes through many forest types and offers views of the sea and mountains.