A Beautiful Costa Rica Honeymoon

Beautiful breathtaking views, amazing hotels and adventure is what awaits you on your honeymoon in Costa Rica. Costa Rica as a honeymoon destination is becoming increasingly popular. Explore the culture and beauty of this incredible destination, without spending a small fortune.

Costa Rica’s larger hotels are staffed with experts available to assist you with your honeymoon planning. By researching online, you can get an idea of what activities interest you. Whatever your choices are, planners are experienced with the knowledge of this amazing country and can help you plan the perfect honeymoon.

While some couple chooses to be in a group setting, others chose privacy. With many activities available to experience, you can chose a private tour or enjoy these activates with others. Many hotels are set in secluded locations, allowing you as much or as little privacy as you desire.

A Costa Rica honeymoon is filled with romantic scenery for your enjoyment. Many couples are looking for a secluded private getaway to allow themselves privacy during their honeymoon. With so many incredible activities at your disposal, you are sure to create your own amazing honeymoon.

Getting around Costa Rica is more convenient if you rent a car. This will allow you the full Costa Rican experience. If you have trouble getting around a foreign country, then an all-inclusive Costa Rica honeymoon will provide you with prearranged transportation. No need to add any stress to this stress free vacation.

Shuttle services that transfer passengers from one destination to another typically have two departure times, morning and afternoon. Traveling by public transportation is time consuming and will eat up valuable time in the country. If it is a real Costa Rica adventure you are seeking, then take the bus and get a feel for life as the Tico’s experience it.

Another factor in car rental is the opportunity to explore uncharted territories. Activities such as surfing, scuba diving and luxury cruises are available and departure times vary, so flexibility is important. Besides, seeing the country by back roads can be the ultimate adventure.

It’s important to know when you are planning your honeymoon to Costa Rica to check the holiday’s of Central America. Semana Santa, which is the week before Easter, is the biggest holiday and travel time for Central Americans. The country is typically shut down week the week before Easter; public transportation is suspended for two (2) days, making moving around the country almost impossible.

As we have mentioned, Costa Rica is growing in popularity and we suggest that you book your honeymoon vacation in advance. With an abundance of amazing activities at your disposal, you want to be sure and enjoy all you choose to experience. Set your sights high for this fantastic journey, you will not be disappointed.