6 Ways to Look for Discounted Air Tickets

For anyone who has ever traveled by air the thought of paying exorbitant prices on airline fares is enough to make them cringe. If you are one of them you understand that saving money on travel costs is very important and you are not alone. Everyday hundreds of thousands of people go online and using search engines and travel sites type in the following phrase, “I am looking for discount airline tickets”.

Fortunately for you and them there are ways to find and purchase cheap airfares if you know where to look and what to do. Competition is fierce within the airline industry and for the travel savvy flier discounts abound.

Here are 6 strategies you can follow in your quest to find discount airline tickets:

1. Flexibility – If you want to save money you need to fly at off peak times. This works several ways. When making vacation plans to a specific destination try and plan it around the off-season for that particular destination. You can find good discounts on airfare but also on tour packages. You also need to look at flying during off peak times of the weeks and day. For most airlines this is the middle of the week and late evening or early morning hours.

2. Use Airfare Ticketing Search Engines – The internet has given the traveling consumer great flexibility when planning vacations and business trips. The problem for those making travel plans is the sheer amount of information and travel sites to get through. This is where the ticketing search engines can help. They search all the airline and travel sites for you, finding the cheapest tickets for your travel itinerary.

3. Pick up the Phone – If you call the airlines direct and ask them what discounted tickets they have available for you itinerary you may be surprised. Airlines normally offer special deals everyday but they are not usually advertised. By taking advantage of their daily ticketing system updates you can save even more money as well. Call between midnight and 5 or 6 in the morning because there are usually cheap tickets available.

4. Plan Ahead – The sooner you can make your travel plans the better. Inexpensive tickets can be had at least 4 months before your scheduled departure date. Once you get inside of 18 to 24 days before your flight your chances of finding good savings are greatly diminished because the airlines can charge premium prices for last minute reservations.

5. Discount Airlines – There are many no frills discount airlines that offer cheap airfare with great service. Jet Blue, Spirit Air, and Southwest are a few examples.

6. Free Tickets – There is a way to get free tickets but you have to be very flexible once you get to the airport. The airlines have a bad habit of overbooking flights which is why you here that announcement at the gate asking for people to give up their seats. If you won’t be greatly inconvenienced by traveling on the next flight to your destination you should consider this because most airlines will give vouchers for free tickets to anywhere they fly.

Understanding the airline ticketing system is the first step to savings success for those people looking for discount airline tickets. And just think how nice it will feel having that extra money in your pocket once you get to your destination.